August 6, 2007

I have a confession to make. The first time Bridget made this dish, I hated it. I even dubbed it, “soggy bread salad.”

Sorry, Bridge.

She totally redeemed herself with this round of Panzanella.

We had a staling loaf of olive bread sitting in the kitchen. We’re in an oober-frugal mode lately, so we needed a way to recycle this bread and save it from the bin.

Panzanella is perfect for day-old (week old) bread. We cube it and toss it with diced tomatoes, white onion, black olives, Ricotta Salatta, parsley, rosemary and mint.

Finally, we pour over a tangy vinegaretteĀ  of red wine vinegar (3 tblsp.) and olive oil (1/3 cup).

This Panzanella just gets better the longer it sits. Everything soaks up the dressing.

Very summer. Very fresh. Very yummy.